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Woodgate Wines was established in 2006, it is family owned and operated.


The fruit for our wines are sourced from our 3 hectare estate vineyard and selected parcels of fruit from local growers. The wine portfolio is constantly changing with the ongoing introduction of new and exciting styles and as such will always remain fresh, vibrant, new and individualistic.


There are classic favourite wine styles which we will always make. Beyond this we are keen to explore a variety of styles that are less common but add to the richness and colour of enjoying wine.


Mark Aitken was among the first class of graduates of the Bachelor of Science degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Curtin University in 2001. As a mature age student he finished dux and received the Talijancich Radoux scholarship going on to complete a vintage in Chateaux Lynch Moussas in Paulliac, France (Bordeaux) in 2002.


Since that time he and his family has settled in the Manjimup area and spent the last ten years making wine in the Pemberton/Manjimup district firstly with Chestnut Grove (2002 -2005) and then since as a self employed contract winemaker and consultant.


Over the years he has been responsible for making wine for numerous local producers including Truffle Hill, Lost Lake, Olde Eastbrook, Flamebird, Middlesex 31 and many others.

mark close up winery showing barrels 2.j


Manjimup is emerging as one of Australia’s pre-eminent food production areas.


Fresh air, fresh water, productive soils and cool/moderate climate make the region suitable for all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetable production. It is the largest producer of French Black Truffles in the southern hemisphere, marron, the local fresh water crayfish are found in all farm dams, and Perch and Trout abound in the local river systems and of course the region is suitable for high quality wine production.


It is becoming a great tourist destination for those who love tall green forests, outdoors activities and gourmet food.

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