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2022 Woodgate Amphora Sur Lie

2022 Woodgate Amphora Sur Lie


Fiano Chardonnay 2022. Fermented and matured as an unclarified juice in a clay amphora for 9 months, stirred regularly.


Using this process of ‘Sur Lie’ or ageing in contact with the lees (solids from the grapes & yeast) causes the release of sugars & proteins into the body of the wine, which combine to produce amazing complex aromas & flavours, plus a complex yet pleasing mouthfeel.


Vibrant fruit characters are retained with thus process, along with the added benefits of the clay vessel.


Flavours of zesty lemon imparted from both the Fiano and Chardonnay grape, plus nuances of grapefruit, pear and apricot, a little hint of floral lift of jasmine, along with some nutty almond/hazelnut.


Enjoy with seafood, creamy chicken, creamy pasta, either with seafood or chicken. Also works well with Asian dishes, such as green Thai curry (with fish sauce), or sweet pork and chicken asian style dishes.

13% Alc


Appellation: 100% Manjimup

Volume: 750ml

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